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Engaging Creative minds via technology

Custom Software Development

Our production-ready custom software development services will help you achieve actual business value


Blockchain Solutions

We are curating the decentralised blockchain solutions for your business



For user engagement, we construct and design your product with aesthetically pleasing aesthetics.


Core Features

We're a software company that provide solutions

in software developement, web development, mobile app developement fields. Our clients extends from small scale business to different entrepreneurs across the globe

Soft engineering

Our highly qualified technical team tailors the best IT solution for your business using their software engineering expertise

A complete Business package

We provide a complete package for your product including design and developement, quality assurance, end-to-end product deployment and support & maintenance for post deployment

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We Provide Best Solution For Your Business
Software Development

We provide software development solutions to our customers meeting perfectly their requiemnts

Quality Assurance

Our QA professionals ensure the product quality by implementing the underlying QA standards and processes

Blockchain Solutions

We’re building crypto marketplace and DAP apps 

Business Idea

We are here to provide best analysis and design services to implement your business ideas


We are creative in design & development

Transforming ideas into Product

Our analysts are capable of transforming your business ideas into real-time product archirecture

A seamless UI Experience

Our UI/UX specialists are competent of making consistent and amazing product view

Technology Solutions

We provide software & IT Solutions

with latest frameworks and their underlying technologies i.e. Laravel, PHP, MEAN & MERN, Blockchain – Smart Contracts, Dapps, REACT, Hyperledger, Devops – GitHub, Docker

Business Collaboration

sandyApps have been doing a number of successful joint ventures along with its sole business solution providing services

Engineering & Services

sandyApps develop the products by foellowing the standard software engineering pracirtces to deliver best IT services

Creative Minds

Our expert team thrives to bring innovative ideas to make your business dream a reality

Support & Maintenance

sandyApps provides support & maintenance services to the post delivery stage of the product to make the end user experience smooth and reliable

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